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Towline Protectors

Ureguard Towline Protectors are installed on tow lines to protect more important or valuable gear from being damaged by rubbing. Uregaurd Towline Protectors are made of a durable castable polyurethane 95A durometer, which will outlast convential marine chafing gear or marine chafing boards. The tapered ends of the marine Towline Protectors act as bearings which prevent premature lines parting and lost tows. Ureguard Towline Protectors are made in two halves and bolt together for easy installation. They are bolted with high grade non-corrosive bolts, which will cut down on maintenance. Ureguard Towline Protectors are available in many different sizes such as 5 foot, 7 foot and 10 foot long or to your specification. Ends also can be custom made to fit any size cable or rope.

Ureguard Towline Protectors

Photos from Trade Winds, Int.
(This photo is of a towboat towing a production platform.)
Towline Protector
Photo above shows where Towline protector would be placed on marine towline (this photo is of a towboat towing a production platform.)

Ureguard Towline Protectorsard Towline Protectors
Mark Tool's Uregaurd 5' Towline Protector


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