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SPLASHTRON® is a high density elastomer, splash zone pipeline coating for splash zone protection featuring excellent resistance to weathering, fungus, marine life, and most oils. SPLASHTRON® is applied in our plant in Garden City, Louisiana (near Franklin), in California, as well as Japan, to pipe of practically any length and diameter.

We also manufacture SPLASHTRON® sleeves which can be applied in the field and used where more than one joint of pipe is needed for splash zone protection, as in J-tube pulls. The sleeves fit over welded areas of the pipe and are bonded to the pipeline with a two-part structural adhesive that we supply. SPLASHTRON® is also an excellent material for use in J-tube plugs and lining for riser clamps.

corroded pipesplashtron coating protecting pipesplash zone protection example on pipe in water

splashtron pipeline coating in process

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