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Mark Tool is a leading manufacturer of rubber tools, rollers, tension pads and other custom molded rubber products. Our core focus began with various oilfield and marine applications but has grown to meet the needs of virtually every industry from manufacturing to food goods processing.

Advantages of Rubber
You may ask yourself, why use rubber for tools? Rubber is very strong and not as rigid as some other materials. This means it can deal with stress and repeated wear better than some other materials. Also, rubber tools can remain functional in a variety of environments -- hot or cold, wet or dry. Rubber tools can also act a good non-conductive insulating material. If using materials other than rubber for tools or products such as rollers, tension pads, or other custom molded rubber products, can lead to breakage or even leaking of vital fluids, which can cause loss in production, and lost revenue. Mark Tool & Rubber has the knowledge and chemistry capability to formulate a custom molded rubber product for any application.

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