What Urethane Protection Delivers

What Urethane Protection Delivers
4/6/2017 2:24:37 PM

For offshore applications and industrial use that calls for superior corrosion protection, long life, and resistance to impacts and abrasions, urethane (and polyurethane) coatings have a lot to offer.

These include:


  • Elastomeric memory: This means urethane products return to their original shape when stretched. Even at high durometers (hardness), urethane can be stretched substantially and will still return to its original dimensions
  • Non-brittle: Urethane won’t crack and break under impact and shock loading
  • Resilient: Urethane products have outstanding abrasion and impact capability, even at high durometers
  • Versatile: Urethane parts can be cast in a wide range of durometers and densities, according to their intended purpose.
  • Low tooling costs
  • Resistance to ozone and oxygen

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Is There a Difference Between Urethane and Polyurethane?


For the purpose of describing our products, no, there isn't. Technically, urethane has a main functional group of compounds, a functional group being a portion of a molecule that is a recognizable group of bound atoms. The functional group gives the molecule its properties


Polyurethanes, on the other hand, are essentially a chain of urethane organic compounds.


To say it another way: Urethane is a chemical group and polyurethane is a material made from many urethane groups. As a chemical, urethane is used to make paints, solvents, pesticides and pharmaceutical goods. Urethane can be molded into various shapes and sizes for protection equipment for the oil and gas and other offshore industries.


Polyurethane is the polymer (PU) used in the production of insulation, seals, gaskets, flexible foam furniture and bedding, tires and some plastic. Polyurethanes are a bit tougher and harder than urethanes, they bond well with metals and plastics, and they also exhibit resistance to oxidation.




Of course, here at Mark Tool Co., Inc. many of our signature products depend on urethane and polyurethane:


Rollers Tension Pads • Forklift Pads • VIV Strakes • Towline Protectors • Pipe Spacers • Push Knee pads • Seals & gaskets • Fittings • Pipe clamps • Pipe Rack Covers • Pipe Centralizers • Round Stock • Square Stock • Sheets





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