MARK TOOL was one of the first companies to develop elastomeric strakes for VIV, working with Shell Development in the 1980s. Our SPLASHTRON VIV Suppressor Strakes are made of a selected blend of neoprene polymers and vulcanized to the substrate to protect against corrosion, mechanical damage, and vortex-induced vibration (VIV).



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SPLASHTRON Vulcanized VIV Strakes

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 The images of the risers below  are from Chevron Genesis project, the Splashtron strakes were applied in our plant in 1998.

The risers below are the same as above, pulled out of services by Chevron in 2009 for inspection after a hurricane damaged the platform. The risers were inspected by Chevron and Mark Tool and found to be in excellent condition, they are presently back in services.